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Achieving Peace

Achieving Peace: Let Go, Trust and Step Forward

Is it just me, or has anybody else noticed that as soon as you commit to something you are tested on your resolve? It was only recently that I made a firm commitment toward achieving peace in my life regardless of obstacles. As soon as this commitment was fixed firmly within me, things around me appeared to start falling apart to some degree. What sorts of things? Many things… people, situations, meetings, appliances, you name it. Once the problems are addressed, I redouble my resolve for peace and POOF, off we go again into another series of issues.

Now, on one hand, this could be frustrating to the point of giving up right? If everything falls down around you, you may figure that “it just wasn’t meant to be.” That would be a “logical” conclusion because it follows a pattern. If you resolve to do “A,” and “B” happens each time, then “A” is the direct cause of “B.” Therefore, I’m going to quit chasing “A” and “B” will diminish. That is how most of us would view this type of situation. Try, struggle and give up. However, I think there is something even more subtle at play here that is calling for my undivided attention.

What if, instead of the universe trying to distract me from my goal, it’s actually putting into motion those things which need to happen for me to meet my goal? Here I am asking for things to be different (more peaceful in this case) and right away things start changing. In this case, if I start resisting the change (“B”), I will end up right back where I started (“A”), right? So, the only answer is to view these changes without label or judgment and practice my sense of peace while dealing with these extra “situations.”  Maybe my sense of peace can ONLY grow through having more issues to deal with. How? Well, it’s good practice for one. If I want to handle difficult situations with more ease and grace, then I probably need more practice. Ah-ha! Doesn’t that seem like a likely scenario? If you prayed to God for more patience for example, doesn’t it make sense that He would be likely to increase your “problems” so that you may gain more experience dealing with your anxieties? For, at that point, the only options are to quit and remain the same or to give up all preconceived notions of what a problem is and to handle the situation with grace and confidence. I choose the later and I will attain my peace by focusing what can be done on the inside via meditation and relaxation techniques.

What would YOU choose?

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