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An Incredibly Dangerous Job

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A Very Dangerous Job

You won’t believe what it is!

Somehow, this unbelievably dangerous job has slipped beneath the radar and never makes the “Most Dangerous Job Top 10” list. While you are not likely to die suddenly from this job, you are more than likely going to suffer slightly more every day until you succumb to the pressure and enter an emotionally vegetative state. What is this dangerous job you ask?

The Office Job

Office work is an incredibly dangerous job for a number of reasons. We don’t tend to see it as dangerous because its hazards creep up slowly over time. The very danger lies in the slow and subtle process of draining your life’s energy over long periods of time. It’s a clever bugger, but I’m about to call its bluff.

5 Reasons Why Office Work is a Dangerous Job

  1. Slavery – Selling your time for a certain dollar amount is akin to slavery. You are basically saying, “My life for these 8-10 hours per day is worth ___ dollars.” You sell away a part of your life each day to earn enough money to live the rest of your life. However, you only get paid when you are in the office and you may not have enough energy left over to enjoy your so called “free time.”
  2. Carpal Tunnel – Anybody who has spent years upon years typing away at a computer keyboard knows what I’m talking about. You probably even know the right stretches/exercises to help you with the issue. However, the real issue is that you’re required to sit all day pecking at a plastic keyboard. (Pay no attention to the man behind the keyboard.)
  3. Back/Neck Pain – Sitting in a chair for hours on end each day causes a myriad of health issues such as “forward head,” “protracted shoulder girdle” and the like. This basically means that your posture worsens the longer you maintain an office job. This poor posture leads to neck and back injuries as well as poor overall health.
  4. Weight Gain – Due to a combination of inactivity and boredom, many office workers gain weight each year and eventually become obese. It’s quite easy really: If you sit all day and snack on high-calorie low-nutrient junk food, it’s almost an inevitable consequence. Even if you don’t gain weight, you’re still negatively impacting your health.
  5. Loss of Joy – This is the single most important item on my list. Sitting in an office, doing repetitive mindless work, causes us to become joyless souls. We don’t think of the office time as our “life.” Instead, we either mindlessly plug away at our duties waiting to clock out or we complain about how terrible things are while doing absolutely nothing about it. Yes, things are terrible when you’re wasting away a little more each day selling the best time of your life in order to live the “good life.” Something is obviously wrong with this equation.

Do you agree? What are you going to do about it?


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