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Becoming Thoughtless Through Meditation

becoming thoughtless

Becoming Thoughtless

About a month ago, I was initiated into and began to practice Shambavi Mahamudra. This is a particular type of kriya/meditation taught by Sahdguru. The instructions are to practice 2x/day for 40 days and then 1x/day for the next 6 months thereafter. Having practiced my new form of meditation for the past 30 days or so, I had expected to become more “thoughtless.” Instead, I began to have increasing levels of thought… or so it seemed.

During a few of my meditative practices, I began to experience more thought instead of less. This seemed counterproductive and was causing me to question whether or not I was practicing correctly. However, after a few more days, I had an epiphany: It’s not that I was having more thoughts during my meditation, it’s just that I was aware of most of the thoughts I was having. In other words, in the past I would fall in and out of thought while meditating. While caught up in my own mind, it would only appear that I was not thinking. In truth, I had become totally wrapped up in a thought and was simply not aware that thought was taking place. Now, I find myself aware of my thoughts for the entire practice (or for large chunks anyway).

So what, to my ego, appeared to have been a step back was actually a huge step forward in conscious attention. For, becoming aware of thoughts as they are happening allows you to decide which are worth listening to and which would be harmful to empower. You see, thoughts have no power in and of themselves: It is only the attention we give a thought that allows it to flourish. Noticing negative thoughts and then allowing them pass, causes them to become very weak. Giving full attention to positive thoughts allows them to become larger and more powerful.

Many of us think we are supposed to be attaining a certain level of thoughtlessness. However, thoughts come and go without our help. Learning to create space between our awareness and our thoughts is really what we working towards. Remember these words next time you go to meditate and congratulate yourself for being aware of your thoughts. For, each and every time we achieve an awareness of thought, we move a little closer to achieving peace in our lives.



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