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Belief Versus Experience

belief versus experience

Belief Versus Experience

There is no possibility of true peace if we stay rooted solely within the mind. The mind works tirelessly to create problems and keep us feeling like the body we inhabit is our real and only true self. I’m not suggesting that the body and mind don’t exist: They are surely as real as we allow them to be. On the level of the physical, they are measurable and can be pleasurable. My point here is not to argue for or against what you should believe as belief is relatively useless when it comes to spirituality. In fact, if you have a strong belief in something, it is all but guaranteed that your learning will cease, as you believe you already know. What I’m asking you to do is simply be willing to experiment and to experience these things for yourself. Once you have had direct experience with higher levels of consciousness, you will no longer have any doubt. Again, you won’t believe, but … you will know.

To delve further on a point above, having a belief about something can be extremely limiting. As soon as you develop a belief about something, you stop growing in that area and your ability to experience change is limited. This may seem contradictory, but I think you will find it to be true. I, for instance, have many fewer beliefs at this point on my spiritual path, but have nonetheless increased my spiritual awareness. Some of my childhood beliefs have proven to be false and some just no longer support me. There are some beliefs that I would have fought for as a teenager which are now simply laughable.

Other times, I hear people express their beliefs in no uncertain terms when I know they have no experience or knowledge of their own. What about the information that I’m imparting to you? I would give the same advice: Try it on without reservation and with an open mind. If you find, through experience, that my teachings don’t serve you well, you can simply find the next blog, teacher, video, etc. However, because I focus on broad truths and practices, you should be able to at least find a nugget or two of information within this website that will lead you to your next best step. This is my goal in any event. What’s yours?

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