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Children as Spiritual Teachers

children as spiritual teachers

Children are Connected

In a previous blog called “There is no Coincidence” I detailed the great spiritual connection that parents often have with their children. Well, it happened again last night.


Before I tell you what happened, I need to go into a little explanation about how this “coincidence” came about. Four months ago, my daughter was riding in the back of my car as I drove us home. She had my iPhone and asked if she could call her mom. I said, “Sure, tell Siri to call her.” My daughter then told Siri, “Call my Mommy.” Siri answered, “What is your mother’s name?” From there, my daughter was able to give Siri verbal instructions that enabled her to reach her mother. (What a cool safety tip!)

After the call ended, my daughter told Siri a bunch of nonsense that led Siri to call an ambulance. I reacted quickly, reached into the back of the car, demanded the phone and exited the call. Whew! I let my daughter know that she was not in trouble, but to be careful about whom she calls. Because of the immediacy with which I acted, it left my daughter a little shaken up and she didn’t want to talk on the phone the rest of the night.

Children as Spiritual Teachers

Now, four months later we get to the exciting part. I was sitting on the couch yesterday while my daughter was playing on the floor. My mind was going through blog ideas and I had settled on relating my iPhone safety tip from above. Basically, it was going to be a fleshed out version of the above paragraph with instructions on how to teach your children to make emergency calls from a smart phone. Then, the unexpected happened: I was going through my thoughts, trying to recall the events in their proper sequence when my daughter asked, “Remember that time you made me call an ambulance?” OMG! Do you understand the awesomeness of this question? I hadn’t mentioned to ANYBODY my idea for the blog and it had been four months since I had even thought about this incident. Simply Amazing!

I praised my daughter for her ability to “read Dada’s mind” and encouraged her to always be receptive to these types of thoughts. I could tell it was no big deal to her. She had simply picked up on my thoughts and fed them back to me. She enjoyed the praise, but she wasn’t sure why it was such a big deal.

Final Thoughts

If children can so easily pick up on our thoughts and provide immediate feedback, what does this say about children that “act out?” If we carry around stress and anger, even if we don’t say anything aloud, can we blame our children for acting a little nuts from time to time? The best thing we can do for our children, our families, and society at large, is to work on ourselves. By changing our own thought pattern, we really can create positive changes in our lives and the lives of those closest to us. Your thoughts are indeed things and it’s your responsibility to learn wield them skillfully.

Bee positive.

Bee receptive.

Bee Spiritual!

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