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Finding Purpose

finding purpose

About Finding Purpose

Many of us have read books on finding real purpose in life, but quickly lost interest as we realized that this can require a large chunk of time and thought. However, finding purpose should not have to be a chore. In fact, it probably comes quite natural to you, but the steps needed don’t get accomplished because other things always seem to get in the way and stall your progress. Then, because things don’t always happen as quickly or as easily as we first imagined, we decide that our objective wasn’t worth pursuing. Or, we may get close to achieving our set purpose and then self-sabotage our dreams due to a fear of failure.

First things first, let’s learn to recognize our purpose. From this moment forward, I want you to pay attention to those moments in your life when you feel joyful. During these joyful moments (whether they last a minute or an hour), learn to put complete trust in your thoughts. In these moments, you are more attuned to your true purpose and your thoughts will be more closely aligned to your awareness. In other words, those “Oh, I got it!” moments in your life where you suddenly realize what you should be doing provide moments of clarity about the goals you should be setting … they are you’re your purpose. The rest of the thoughts that then say “Nah, it’s too expensive.” or “I’m not sure it’s really a good idea.” are your enemy. While these negative thoughts cannot always be avoided, they can be put in the proper place by placing more weight on that purpose which was discovered in a moment of joy and making a resolution to see it through to its end.

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