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Note to Self: A Letter to Myself

Young Aaron Reno - Author

Note to Self

If you had the ability to write a letter to yourself, what would you say? Would you tell yourself that it’s important to listen to what others have to say? Would you tell yourself that you should try to fit in regardless of the personal costs? I highly doubt this type of advice would make it into your final draft. Some people say that, if they had it to do over again, they wouldn’t change a thing. I, on the other hand, would like to think I’d do everything differently. So, what would I tell myself at a younger age? I’ll demonstrate by example below by writing a letter to myself at the age of nine, as that was a particularly tough year to be … me.

What is Truly Important?

(A Note from My Future Self)

Dear Aaron,

You are not going to believe this right away, but please read this letter through to the end before dismissing it altogether. Moving to a new city and entering a new school halfway through the year has been too much for you to bear. First of all, let me prove to you that this is really an older version of you by pointing out that I know that those “stomach aches” of yours are not really stomach aches at all. I know it’s the best description you can give as there is no physical pain. However, what you are really suffering from is stress brought about by the anxiety of being in a school where all the students appear to be way ahead in all subjects (especially math). These stomach aches will go away before the school year is up and you will learn to cope much more effectively. Also, you will catch up to and surpass most of the advanced students in your grade by the beginning of the next school year in all subject areas. I know it doesn’t seem possible, but possibilities are always changing and things often change quickly … if you let them.

            I am writing you from 29 years in the future to let you know that things work out really well for you. It turns out that all of those “cool” kids were also scared and worried at times, but were just better at hiding it. The reason you feel separate from all others is not that they are better than you, but it’s that you are simply more aware, more conscious, of your thoughts and actions. This self-conscious “setback” will prove to be very helpful to you later in life because having the ability to understand and separate yourself from the minute details of your thoughts will assist you in helping others in the future.

            Aaron, I want you to know that you will have moments of joy in your life where everything that you should do becomes clear. You will be tempted to quit these undertakings due to peer pressure or negative pressure from your own thoughts. However, the joyful moment that provided the clarity is the real inspiration. That little voice that tells you, “You’re not smart enough.” or “You’ll never accomplish that!” is simply wrong. That voice wants to keep you safe, but safety doesn’t lead to greatness of mind or spirit. Rather, failure is a much better teacher than “playing it safe” will ever be. Once you’ve had that flash of inspiration, be quick to start your new endeavor and slow to change your mind. Make quick decisions and don’t worry about having all of the facts. If you spend your whole life gathering details, you will never spend the time putting in the real effort to make your dreams happen.

            I’m purposefully leaving out that “whats” and “hows” because this must be left to you. However, what I must pass down to you is the importance of learning to trust your instinct over the thoughts and goals of others. Learn to value your own conclusions and your developing connection to the divine. I know that you do not believe in God, but the universe will work miracles through you in any event if you just allow yourself to be a vessel of joy and purpose. Although life seems infinite, our lifetimes on this earth are extremely short and should be cherished. If you cannot find joy in what you are doing, then what you are doing needs to change without hesitation. This is not an excuse to jump from pasture to pasture to find greener grass, but instead should be taken as a guide to finding your path toward your highest and truest self.

            Above all, I want you to know that I love you and I understand everything you are going through. After all, I was you. I’m proud of you for all that you’ve accomplished and for what you will do with your life moving forward. Please remember to treat yourself with the utmost respect and adoration. Then, turn that reverence to all others and to all of nature, for we are truly all part of the same universal fabric.

            I’m sorry if much of this doesn’t make sense to you now. Please review this letter each year on your birthday and I promise that with each passing year, more and more truths will have revealed themselves to you making this letter even more poignant. This letter could not be more important. After all, you wrote it to yourself.

The point of the letter above is not that you’re going to somehow change your past, but that you can change from this moment and moving forward. Regardless of your physical age, your spirit is still 100% intact … it’s just been smothered under the weight of a thousand negative thoughts. While you may not be able to change the things that got you from birth to the present, you can definitely change those things that will take you from now into the future. However, if you still find yourself listening to others more than yourself, then know that there’s work to be done … quickly.

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