Love alone will lead you toward the unveiling of your true nature.

Aaron A. Reno


What Is Important In Life?


There are very few things that are of any real importance in our everyday lives. On a universal level we are but insignificant specks of dust. The most recent scientific research suggest that our entire universe is contained within a black hole. Say what? Yes, in fact, each and every black hole may contain an entire universe. Furthermore, if this is found to be true, the black hole in which we find ourselves would exist it some much larger universe and simply be one of this greater universe’s countless black holes (each containing its very own universe complete with black holes). Whew! On this level of infinite universes, we are insignificant in both size and meaning. If any one of us, our entire planet, our galaxy or even our universe were to disappear, it might not even cause so much as a ripple in the largest of large pictures. Rather than being viewed as depressing, my hope is that you will view this as something empowering. For, in this grand view, all of our stresses are so miniscule that they can and should be seen as trivial nuisances. The weight of the universe(s) is not, after all, on our shoulders.

What Then IS Important in Life?

In my current experience, I can only find two things that we can do to personally make the world we find ourselves on a better place.

  1. “Bee” Fit – By being physically fit, we are more likely to enjoy our everyday lives and have more energy to do the things we love. By doing the things we love, we eliminate the stresses that are caused by living our lives in contrast to our desires. Complete physical fitness would involve painless movement, flexibility and nutrition to whatever degree it is possible for each of us.
  2. “Bee” Meditative – As well as working on our physical bodies, we must also, and more importantly, work on our inner beings. We only guaranteed this moment… and this moment cannot be changed. Instead of fighting against what is, we can learn to accept what this moment has to teach us and choose to live this moment in a state of joy. Meditation is the surest way to address and understand this inner state of peace.

How to Attain Joy

This is something we all strive to attain and yet it so often remains elusive. The primary reason we lose our joy seems to be that we allow other issues to take precedence. We tell ourselves that we will “allow” ourselves to be happy after a certain problem is dealt with, after the house is cleaned, after a work issue is addressed, after the kids are asleep, and on and on. Because joy can only exist in THIS moment, delaying it even by a micro second means that it will continue to remain just out of our grasp. So, really… all we must do is decide to be joyous NOW. Once that decision is made, we must take the path that is presented to us. This path is bound to include both physical and mental well-being. And while it will present its own problems, these problems can be addressed more and more often in a state of joy as joy itself becomes our default mode of being.


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