Love alone will lead you toward the unveiling of your true nature.

Aaron A. Reno

Something Like God: Six Weeks to Spirituality

About Something Like God:


Do you feel that your path to spirituality has been elusive or impossible? The very fact that you are reading this text reveals to me that you still have questions about your spirituality, and that is perfectly natural. It is now time to stop your search and begin your journey. This six-week guide will help you look within yourself to find THE answers. Regardless of who you are, where you are, or where you come from, this book will help to kick start your spiritual awareness at just the right time—right now.
- Aaron A. Reno, Author


  • “Something Like God” gives us a way of tapping into the very fundamental curiosity that exists within every one of us; addressing questions we all have as to the existence of something outside of ourselves.”

    – Dawn Garcia, CEO | Founder | Editor, ATOD Magazine

  • Aaron Reno has the uncanny ability to not only capture, but to simplify difficult subjects and make them easier to grasp. This book is no less than a complete spiritual digest which answers various and important spiritual questions using a non-denominational approach.

    – Christopher Atkins, Guided Meditation Expert

  • “Something Like God” is the complete spirituality guide for those just beginning their journey as well as those who have fallen off their path. If you have been waiting for the right opportunity to further (or begin) your spiritual quest, this book is for you.

    – Amy Thompson, Spiritual Teacher | Reiki Healer

  • “Something Like God” by Aaron A. Reno is a practical, easy-to-follow guide to attaining the much sought-after spirituality which seems to be absent from our hectic everyday lives, through easy to comprehend lessons and enjoyable exercises. Tips are given to promote physical health, which will in turn lead to spiritual development. The practical exercises allow the reader to consolidate the lesson taught in the chapter, and as each one builds upon the other, it ensures maximum retention for optimum results. The ‘Stop and Think’ icon encourages the reader to reflect on what he has read and permit it to sink in to full understanding. The ‘Further Reading’ section is an additional plus, as it allows the readers to further expand on the knowledge gained in the book and incorporate it in their current belief system.


    The author, having walked his own spiritual path, conveys his knowledge on spirituality through a deceptively simple but profound handbook, so that the readers may awaken spiritually, regardless of their religious beliefs or practices. As I have never been a religious person myself, but always longing for a deep spiritual connection to the Divine Being or Universal Consciousness, this book initially surprised me pleasantly but had a lasting emotional effect on me, as I was experiencing numerous a-ha moments till the very last line. It is a book I would most definitely recommend for every spiritual seeker. Do not be fooled by its apparent simplicity in explaining spirituality. Be receptive, be a vessel, and it will lead you to the path of enlightenment.

    – Readers Favorite

  • I loved your book and I am applying it to my life. It helped me through some tough times. Thanks for writing it. You are an awesome soul.

    – Cindy Christensen

  • My fiancé read your book and loved it! She is going to purchase two more copies as gifts.

    – Jeff White

  • I began reading “Something Like God” this morning and am very impressed! I think it is awesome how in the first lesson Aaron Reno refers to ‘coincidence’. I have been led down this road of ‘coincidences’ that I have recognized over the last few years. When I came to the conclusion that there was just too many of them to still be considered as coincidences I found my faith. I am very excited to follow these six weeks of lessons and growing spiritually.

    – Cameron Morad

  • A great book with wonderful insights into spirituality. Forget the religious dogma and focus on the fundamental truth of spirituality. I highly recommend it!

    – Michael Clark

  • This book is a complete surprise. It is a “layman’s” perspective on spirituality, faith, and religion, but more importantly, it is about LIVING. Reno doesn’t present his opinion as the answer, or repeat others’ dogma. Instead, he guides you to YOUR opinion. Not only is it a very intelligent look at the big questions we all ask at one time or another, but there are also practical suggestions and exercises offered to help the reader find answers for her or himself. Regardless of your cultural or religious background, I think you will find something in this book to ponder. I’ve never read anything quite like it, and I totally recommend it.

    – Singby

  • I was looking for something to really wrap my head around, not only knowing about spirituality, but how to live it. This book was exactly what I was looking for! It really broke down the philosophies in a way that really made sense. This is a great book and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a breakdown of how to live the way you think and feel about your spirituality!

    – Max

  • I just started reading this book last night and it was JUST what I needed. I’ve been looking for a book that not only “talks about” spirituality, but that also helps you to live it. I had never heard of this author before, but I’d definitely recommend this book.

    – Hme53

  • I tend towards the skeptical side when it comes to books geared towards finding one’s spiritual path. Curiosity nonetheless got the best of me, and finding a more efficient shortcut to anything is always worth investigating. As I intentionally packed my skepticism away and began my reading, the pleasant surprises started. Not in the “Six Weeks…” part, but structurally who well thought out, planned and designed this book is. I’ll admit I haven’t undertaken all of the follow-up reading, but have read a few of the suggested books and can tell the Author has clearly read, and spent genuine time reflecting on, each of them. The deeper I got into the book, the easier it became see the connectivity of rather simple ideas. Simple ideas, that when placed together, give and almost immediate (much faster than Six Weeks) road map to fracking some deep buried personal thoughts and spiritual philosophies with mechanisms to organism them into a much cleaner burning spiritual fuel. Do I feel I must “believe” every component of what’s laid out? No. But the Author doesn’t ask you to. Rather, you’re guided towards finding your own non-dogmatic spiritual expression, and for that I’d highly recommend this as a tool in the trunk of everyone’s spiritual journey vehicle.

    – Tyler M. Reynaud

  • I was given this book as a gift by my friend. This type of spritual self-help book is really not my favorite genre of writing, but it’s written very well. I did find a couple of things in the book that I plan to incorporate into my life though, and I do highly recommend this title to any one who is a fan of spirituality in general.

    – The Big Greek

  • This book is helping me so much! It is helping me explore my spirituality in ways I didn’t know how. This 6 week program really helps break down the basics leading you into a much deeper thought process. This book is a must for any one who is struggling with their spirituality or even just curious about the meaning.

    – Mrs. G

  • After hearing a few of the people on the talk shows talk about being spiritual, I wanted to get a handle on what they were talking about. The book explained more about spirituality in the sense of believing in a higher power, instead of focusing on one particular religion and explaining why you should believe it. After reading the book and the exercises, I have a better idea what spirituality is, and what my beliefs about it are.

    – Jami Ros

  • This guide was a great help to me. I had some questions about my thoughts on spirituality, and this gave some opinions and penetrating thoughtful questions that helped me to work on solidifying my own thoughts. Setting things up as a six-week guide gave me permission read the book slowly and give me time to process the information given, and to give me time to think about the way I felt about things. The book is a great resource.

    – Leonard Crackler

  • I was going through some random titles when I came across this book almost by “accident.” There are many books on faith but this should not be confused with the mindless garbage that is being produced each day. This title really relates to the average person and points to you to make you concious of your own spirituality. Definately worth the read.

    – Sean C. Arreguin

  • I needed a birthday present for a friend who has been feeling down and out. I scanned the book myself to make sure that it was a “positive” book and I was delighted to find “Something Like God” to be very uplifting. This will definitely be a present for my friend with many dog earred pages of encouragement.

    – Rozzie

  • I absolutely loved it. It gave me some very striking eureka moments. Though I had to read it fast to write the review, I intend to follow the exercises to the last one. I know it will lead me to a higher connection with my spirituality, which is what I’ve been longing for many years now. Thank you, it was an amazing experience reviewing your book!

    – Lia Simitsiadou for Readers Favorite

  • I learned a lot from reading this book. It really opened my eyes to stuff I didnt think about before. Aaron is a fabulous writer and I am proud to consider him a friend and collegue.

    – Sharyn Thornbury, Writer | Blogger

  • Thoughtful and conducive to keeping a tether to your spirit-self. It is a prompt to set intentions and a catalyst to follow through. The concepts are not overcomplicated. When you begin doing the work, the elements naturally resonate the human consciousness.

    – Jen Davis